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Post 280 History


Temporary Charter Granted February 25, 1946

Permanent Charter granted August 02, 1946

Incorporated 1997.

A number of years ago, someone threw out all of the old Post records, so Post history beyond approximately 1986 is lost forever.   Post 280 is attempting to establish the historical record of the Post including previous Post Commanders.   If you have any information that may help (particulary names, dates or events) please forward them to the Post Adjutant at

Thank you to J.E. Newbern for digging up the names of the charter members.


Herbert Jennings

Charles R. Pinner

James M. Old

William R Murden Jr

Webster Litchfield Walker

Carl R. Sharp

Stanley B.Powell

Elliott H. Waterfield

Edward F. Unser

Harold L. Carson

William B. Kidd

Alva Olsen Benson

Richard B. Cooke

Clark A. Nichols

James R. Harris

William B. Swain


Past Commanders

Richard Johnson (2020- )

Wayne J. Sarapata (2009-2020 )

Richard G. Tipton (2005-2009)

Robert J. Crockett (2003-2005)

George R. Kloc (2002-2003)

Tim Barber (2001-2002)

Christopher Jones (1995-2001)

Joseph H. Evans (Feb 1995-Jun 1995)

Paul Newman (Jun 1994-Feb 1995)

Joseph H. Evans (1991-1994)

Wayne Latham ( Unknown- 1991)

RJ Beacham (1968 - 1985)


Webster Litchfield Walker (1st or 2nd Commander)

Elliott H. Waterfield (1st or 2nd Commander)