Updated September 2, 2018

Post 280 News

From the August General Assembly meetings:

1. Adjutant Kloc reported that the Post 280, 2018 membership year ended with the Post being at 98% of its assigned goal.

2. Welcome to new members Jacob Helmka, Derrick Aiken, Jack Rase, Barry DeBose, Marc Hernandez, Bruce Thompson, Ed Grossman and Richard Johnson, and transferring members Richard Malmstrom, Allen Long, Carl Dozier, Conar Flaherty, Keith Fletcher and Ernest Langevin.

3. The Club upgrades are complete. Come in/stop by and visit.

4. The clubroom and Post hall are now "Smoke Free".

5. Post 280 has T-Shirts, Hats, License Plates, shot glasses, new larger unit coins and other items for sale.

6. Post 280 now has an AED installed.

7. CPA Richard Noyes provided a snap-shot look at the Post finances and tax returns and stated that he sees no problems with either.

8. The Jr Youth Baseball team has a 5/1 record overall and a 3/3 record in District play, the Sr team has a 6/1 record overall and a 4/1 in District play,

9. Post 280 has approved, on a trial basis, the installation of a mini satellite retransmission system on the roof. As a part of the deal Post 280 will receive one down feed of 120 regular channels plus one channel coming direct from the Veterans Administration. The dish is to be non=intrusive and Post 280 can cancel out at any time without penalty. A motion was made to evaluate the service at the second E-Board meeting after installation.

10. Post 280 is upgrading its electrical service to 200 amp service courtesy of Barry Connolly and Scott Richie.

11. James McCormack, current Oratorical Chairman is requesting help and is looking for a permenant replacement.


Note: The Services Officer's e-mail address is serviceofficer@post280.org. He can do wonders, but, he can't help you if you don't ask.