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The Sons of the American Legion would like to "salute" all of those who have served in the Military especially those we remember in prayer.



SAL Welcome


Squadron 280 is asking all elligible sons to consider signing up themselves and their sons. Remember you can join the Sons of The American Legion as long as you meet the qualifications shown above and below:

1. Be a male descendant, adopted son/stepson of a member of The American Legion.

2. Be such male descendant of a veteran who died in service during World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama or the Persian Gulf War. during the delimiting periods set forth in Article IV, Section 1, of the National Constitution of The American Legion, or who died subsequent to their honorable discharge from such service, shall be eligible for membership.html.html in the Sons of The American Legion.


You say that your dad was not/is not a member of The American Legion. Is your dad eligible?   Go to the Post "Home" page then to the "Dues/Application" page to check eligibility.   Then come right back here to the SAL page and sign-up.


If your dad is eligible, sign him up for The American Legion so you can can be eligible to join the Sons of The American Legion.     It is that easy.


See the "Dues/Application" page to the left to sign up for the Sons of The American Legion.


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