Post 280 Hall Rental

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Need An Air-Conditioned Smoke Free Environment

For A Wedding/Reception, Shower/Baby Shower, Company Picnic, Anniversary Party, Or Any Other Event?


We have a smoke free hall

The capacity is 85 people

Tables and chairs are available

A kitchen with serving window is available




Rental Costs:

Rental of the hall: $60.00 per hour.

Security Deposit: $200.00. The $200.00 security deposit will be collected when the application for rental is signed. The deposit will be returned within ten days of rental "IF" there are no damages and the rented premises are cleaned to the satisfaction of the Hall Manager.

Rental fees will be paid in full prior to the start of the event.

Cancellation Fee: $100.00. The renter will be charged a cancellation fee if the renter cancels within seven (7) days of the rental. The Hall Manager may waive this fee if there are serious unforseen circumstances.

Rental prices for Non-Profit organizations such as churches vary. Please contact the Hall Rental Manager for prices.

To rent the hall e-mail us at or call 757-609-3439 and leave a message.


Rules - We have to have Rules


The Hall Rental Rules

Contract rules for rental of American Legion Post 280 hall

                Renter will initial each rule and sign the bottom acknowledging agreement to the entire all rules.

1.  The Hall Rental Manager or designee will be your point of contact.  They will be in charge during the function and will enforce the rules as needed.  Person renting is responsible for the communication of these rules to their guests.  The hall is monitored at all times by Legion personnel and electronic means. Renter initial _____.
2.  No one under the age of 21 may rent the hall without prior approval of the Hall Rental Manager.  Renter initial _____.
3.  The hall will not be rented for any function involving persons under the age of 21 unless adult supervision is provided.  Adult supervision is (1) a chaperon who is at least 21 years of age, and (2) there are at least two chaperons for every 25 people under the age of 21.  Chaperons must remain with the group at all times.  No one under the age of 21 may consume alcoholic beverages.  Chaperons may not consume alcoholic beverages during the event.  Renter initial _____.
4.  The hall will not be rented to anyone who will charge a fee and/or admission to the event or function.  Renter initial _____.
5.  If alcohol is served, a “Banquet License” issued by the Alcohol Beverage Control Board must be obtained and shown to the Hall Rental Manager.  The Banquet License must be posted in the hall during the event.  Renter initial _____.
6.  Alcoholic beverages will not be taken and/or consumed outside the Post Hall unless permitted by the Banquet License and the rental agreement.  Renter initial _____.
7.  Hall capacity is 85 people, maximum.  Yard rental for overflow is available.  Parking for event is in front of the American Legion, the rear is for members. (see map) Renter initial _____.
8.  Music and/or other noise will not be so loud as to disturb Post 280 operations.  The Hall Rental Manager/Designee can direct that the music/noise be turned down.  Vulgar behavior/language will not be tolerated.  Renter initial _____.
9.  No disorderly conduct or excessively loud behavior will be allowed.  No loitering outside hall/parking area.  Renter initial _____.
10.  Entry and exit will be via the front door.  Renter initial _____.
11.  The hall may be decorated (set up) the day before if it does not conflict with another rental or function.  You are allowed 2 hours for setup and 1 hour for breakdown.  Subsequent hourly rate, if needed, is $25 an hour.  Renter initial _____.
12.  Post items may be covered up but not removed or damaged in any way.  Thumbtacks are allowed to attach decorations etc.  tape of any kind is “NOT” allowed.  All items must be removed at the end of the rental/function.  Renter initial _____.
13.  Clean up includes any items left on the grounds of the Post.  If cleanup crew is separate from Renter, then a list of names needs to be provided for this contract.  Renter initials _____.
14.  Any costs to repair damage caused by your event to Post property, over and above the deposit will be billed to the renter.  Renter initial _____.
15.  Proper government issued identification must be provided prior to signing the rental agreement.  Renter initial _____.
16.  Persons renting and persons attending must wear appropriate clothing.  i.e., no gang colors.  Renter initial _____.
17.  No weapons of any kind are permitted.  Renter initial _____.
18.  Smoking is prohibited in the hall.  Renter initial _____.
19.  No emergency exit will be blocked by anything.  Renter initial _____.
20.  All cooking outside, grilling especially, must be done at least 20 feet away from any structure.  Renter initial _____.
21.  We reserve the right to end an event if any of these rules are not enforced.  We care about your safety and ours.
Renter initial _____.

I have read and agree to all of the above listed rules and terms of the rental agreement.


Signature:  _____________________________________________ Date:  _________________________________________________